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A Private Event
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For larger groups, of up to about 200 people, we can provide an unique  service of "wandering readings", mingling with guests to provide them with a brief insightful, but meaningful assessment.   

Rates are dependent on many factors and would be determined for each event. 

$ 125 per psychic per hour, minimum 2 hours.  


Home group readings, or readings offered in a location or establishment of your choice, for events such as a bridal shower, birthday party or any other occasion for any number of clients from 2 to 24 or more may vary from (based on lesser to greater numbers)  

$60.00. (2 - 4 persons - each)  

$40.00. (5 - 12 persons - each)      

$25.00. (13-24 persons - each)                                  

Rates are negotiable                                            

Travel expenses may be added for some areas.


Corporate and institutional events (working for or through a company such as a

hotel chain) which may involve a greater number of clients requesting readings,

are structured on a per reader/hour basis.   

$95.00 for each of the first two (2) hours

An addition charge of $75.00 for each addition hour, per psychic per hour.  

Depending upon the number of persons requesting readings,  as single reading duration may be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes in length, this would allow two (2) readers to facilitate a group of up to 70 people in a three (3) hour period.   We can provide additional readers if required 

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  The popular methods of professional and entertainment based psychic reading. Based on Renaissances era Italian cards, with imagery founded in the Kabbalah, the 72 card deck of Tarot can help the querant (the one seeking the answer) to find the path of least resistance and the path that is best suited for their future. Be those questions transitory or of greater importance.   

  Your fingers and thumbs, and the width, the length and the shape of your hand, all tell things about your character. As does the colour of your skin and depth and surface of your nails.
It in not just the lines and mounds on your hands that reflect an accurate portrait of who you are. Flexibility, muscle tone, the relationship between the length of your fingers and even the lines on your wrists to the swirls in your fingerprints.   

  Similar to palmistry, but this uses the characteristics and the structure of your face, (round, square oval upward or downward triangle. Many characteristics of your nose, the shape, placement and folds in your ears. The  shape of your eyes and eyebrows, and mouth and lips. Even your hairline and other features like the length and fullness of your chin. 
Faces are the first things we see when meeting strangers, and Face Reading explains why people either like or dislike people at first glance. We all unknowingly read and assess people this way.  

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  With Tea-Leaf readings we can bring a little bit of the "High Society" magick of the Victorian era into your life or event 
 Utilize the skills and abilities to see the possible changes and events which could be coming to pass in the life of the tea drinker. Based on the shapes and patterns in the tea leaves there could be an indication of what lies ahead

  Often how you write is more important than what you write. The loops and swirls of letters, the structure of the paragraphs and sentences can tell much about who you are. Using the methodology of forensic analysis developed by Scotland Yard, your words say more than your think. 

  RUNE READING  Rune reading utilizes a collection angular letters, and the drawing of a      
number of small stones or wood tiles. Each tile is inscribed with a single "NORDIC" letter, each with a particular meaning. According to myth, the RUNIC alphabet was given to the early people of Europe by the god Odin, as a method to record their deeds and guide their lives.  

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