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Photo: meaning light
Psychometry: a psychic skill that involves the handling of objects in order to understand or divine its origin or meaning.
Photo Psychometry: The art of divination that tells of the person or event from a photograph. 

 In doing photo psychometry, much of it is related to facial features, face reading, physiology, as well as the trends and times. 
However... sometimes, to use a baseball analogy; "You hit the ball and touch 'em all".
 There is not a lot of mystical divination that I have "set off" to do during a reading, I try not to go in to it with any 
kind of preconceived notion or idea, Free association and free thought, are what I feel are essential. This becomes 
more of an experience for myself and the client to clear our heads and talk. During that talk the client may say 
something simple that starts me off on some tangent. They may say the they were going to have "pie for desert
at dinner", and that will "tap" something in my mind's eye as I am looking at the picture, and that opens a rush of
free assiciation:
Pie - Round - Round Berries - Blue Berries - Burbeerry (British Clothier) - Hats - Winston Churchill - Boer War - 1899
Then for whatever reason I would feel confident is saying. "Your great gandmother was born in 1899".
 As strange as that sounds, someone else may have a totally different approach to psychometry, but this works for me. 
Some people in some cultures that are in our modern world, still do not like having their picture taken, as they feel that 
the image steals part of the essence of their being or a part of their soul. To discuss even the most basic pros and cons 
of that, would require much more time and effort than either you or I can afford to offer.
  Using the free association and free thought methodology, here are two actual examples of my past readings,
and even from the most skeptical observer... you may hear a murmmering "Hmmm!":
(not actual photo

 I was in Smiths Falls at a small event , reading for a woman from Odessa (a small town near Kingston). She handed me 

a photograph of her grandfather. He had arrived in Canada at the age of 14, as a stowaway, to further and complicate things 

he had-amnesia, so he had no recollection of his early European life. He settled in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and 

raised a family. The woman said nothing other than the man was her grandfather. I “felt” he was from Northern France 

Flanders in Belgium. I suggested that he had run away from an abusive father and he had often hid in the stables as a boy, 

and that was why he was good with horses. She told me later that he was a “horse whisperer” and was noted in the townships 

for taming horses with a wilder nature. Then, out of the blue, I mentioned that his mother (her great-grandmother) was 

from either Southern Poland or Hungry. At this point the woman look totally awestruck. She knew the histories of her other 

three grandparents, all of whom were as British as St George’s cross. However for some reason unknown, to her family, 

some of them suffered a blood disorder usually found in south-central Europeans.



(not actual photo)
 In Belleville, I was reading a photograph for a woman from Toronto.
In the photograph was her boyfriend a young black man, in his mid to late 20’s or early 30’s.
I was holding the photograph in my left hand as I was talking about the man’s general characteristics. 
In my right hand I had a pen and I was just doodling or doing what is call “free association writing”.
When I was done with the picture I looked at the paper on which I was writing and there was a name. 
- Jean Desrosier - . 
That was the name of the father of the man in the photograph, who was living back in Haiti  
*** Old photographs, black and white, colour, even sepia. ***
       The clearer the better and less said about the person 
     and less imagary and 'hints in the background... the better