Ottawa Divination
 Focus, Empowerment, & Development: for Here, Now, & Beyond

Ottawa Divination has be serving the greater Ottawa area and the 
613 area for more than15 years. From poolside birthday parties to 
wedding rehersals. From reading for 5 or 6 friends in from a book 
club to 250 individuals at industrial or government trade shows.
We can accomodate groups up to 200 people in a evening for any 
venue you have to offer. We will dress in costume for your event

As "strolling" services, idea for "Meet and Greets", Cocktail hour, 
social mingling before of after a meal or between seminars. 
We can offer: 

Describing personal characteristics and traits, based 
on the lines and the structure of your hands. Everything from your 
intuative ability based on your "Girdle of Venus", to your power of 
expression and communication and how you deal with other in 
various situations. 

This is the same as Palmistry, but uses the characteristics of your facial
makeup. What the shape of your nose says about you or what you ear
lobes do. The face is what we see on people first, and it is the basis for 
our first impressions. 

In a more fomal setting for sit-down or table functions, we offer:
Traditionally this is the most well know of the 'fortune tellers" tools, 
other than the crystal ball. You think to yourself of a question that 
you would like answered, shuffle the cards and they do the rest. 

More than the words you write, the way you write, the style you write 
in and the structure of letters, words, and spacing, show you intent, your
attutude and your personality. Even just your signature can tell volumes 
about you. 

This is one of the oldest methods of divination. Reading your past, 
present and future choices in a cup of this "noble brew". Fresh hot tea, 
a very comforting and simple drink can seeming unlock mysteries and
be a point to ponder.

Home Events 
For small groups up to 4 people it is $60 per person, $40.00 for up 
to 12 and then $25 for groups up to 24 people.
Private Parties
$125 per psychic, per hour, minimium 2 hours. (+HST)
$95.00 for each of the first two (2) hours and $75.00  for each of 
any additional hour per reader.
Steve at:
Dar at:

613.408.2768 (613.40.TAROT)