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HOUSE PARTY Testimonial September 6, 2017 
 I invited Darlaine and her husband as a surprise for my cousin’s birthday party.

At first some of the guests were skeptical but within five minutes everything changed.

They were correct on so many of our characteristics and about past life events that we

were all inclined to believe what they had to say about our future. Not only were their

analysis on the spot, it was just Fun!

It gave us all something to talk about and created a very positive environment. Darlaine

performed 12 tarot readings and as we watched and listened to each other get the readings,

we were all in shock on how accurate they were for each of us. I definitely recommend tarot

card reading at your party.

Inviting these two lovely strangers into our home turned out to be the best party idea I ever had.



Big thank you to Steven Robert Morrison for, once again, impressing Orbital Talent clients with

his brilliant Psychic/Mentalist abilities. As per usual, he blew people's minds away yesterday.

At the main door, there was a seating chart with lists of eight or ten people per table with a

total of 350 names. About an hour before the event there was only about a dozen people there,

and he was talking with the regional manager and three others. He just blindly turned to the

chart and pointed to two names on it and said, Oh, Audrey and Sarah will be here!

It was literally, two of the four people he was talking with.