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Face Reading
 Based on the ancient oriental tradition of face reading for medicinal purposes, modern face reading is seen as more of  a practice art akin to Palmistry. It is an analysis of general characteristics of various types of people as well, it can isolate and identify unique personal traits based of bone structure and shape of the face and skull. The relationship between parts of the face: ie. eyes, ears, mouth is also taken into account. 

 As with any type of reading, these relationships between various attributes is always unique. Two people with identical noses may be radically different, based on the relationship and spacing relative to other parts of the face.

 Face Reading is an ideal form of entertainment for any corporate or company events during times before or afte seminars or dinner, or even during 'cocktails', as it is a social form of entertainment, which fits in well in a mingling and a conversational atmosphere. 

 This woman would be a person who is a slightly reserved, with a broad based concern for the world. A wide field of interests and a strong stubborn streak. She enjoys social event and friends. She is more intuitive than logical.

 Facial characteristic from the relative colour of skin to the whorl pattern of your hair can indicate the masculine or feminine characteristics of an individuals. 
 Your face is the first thing people see, and it can tell a     great deal more than generally          "meets the eye" 
 Measuring the perfect face is a fully subjective effort, however, the British entertainment show Lorraine, says that according to studies in attraction by the University of St. Andrew's School of Psychology. 19 year old Florence Colgate has the most perfect face  

 This man has a very strong singular focus, yet he can adapt quickly to change. He is more secretive than the woman on the left and can be more emotional about social matters. In business matters such as finance he would be dominant.
Wisdom and knowledge
Adaptability and interests
 Eyes / Eyebrows:
Outlook and emotions
Ethics and social nature 
 Mouth / Lips:
Passion, lifestyle and morality
Major attributes toward life