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For us this is a business, like any business we believe in quality and produce service for a fair price. If you shop around you will find that our prices may be in the slightly higher range. This is because we view this as a career and we ourselves are professionals. Between the two of us, we have more than 40 years experience and we bring that experience and professionalism to you and to all our engagements. 



Home group readings, or readings offered in a location or establishment of your choice, for events such as a bridal shower, birthday party or any other occasion for any number of clients from 2 to 24 or more may vary from (based on lesser to greater numbers)

$60.00 (2-4 persons - each)

$40.00 (5 to 12 persons -each)

$25.00. (13-24 persons -each)

Rates are negotiable     

Travel expenses may be added for some areas.


$80.00 for one hour. 
$100.00 for 90 minutes
An at home individal reading or a "solo reading", would usually consist of two tarot readings and a palm reading or hand writing analysis. 
We do not do readings for children, juveniles or anyone under 18 years of age. 


For larger groups, of up to about 200 people, we can provide an unique  service of "wandering readings", mingling with guests to provide them with a brief insightful, but meaningful assessment. 

Rates for this are dependent on many factors and would need to be determined for each event.

$ 125 per psychic per hour, mininium 2 hours. (+HST)

Rates are negotiable


Corporate and institutional events (working for or through a company such as a hotel chain) which may involve a greater number of clients requesting readings, are structured on a per reader/hour basis.

$95.00 for each of the first two (2) hours, an addition charge of $75.00 for each addition hour, per psychic per hour. (+HST)

Depending upon the number of persons requesting readings, reading durations may anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes in length, this would allow two (2) readers to facilitate a group of up to 70 people in a three (3) hour period.

We can provide addtional readers if rerquired.


 Charges, for charity events and fundraisers, are dependant upon a number of factors, and open to negotiation

 These may be; travel surcharge, minimal payment, inclusion in and on advertisment and promotions for event

 One fixed requirement is that Ottawa Divination is allowed to passively present itself with advertising, such as business cards or promotional flyers

Rates are very negotiable