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First impressions do count.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Show your strength from “square one”. 


Size up people in an instant…
Know who to talk to…
Know who to approach… 
and who is most likely to buy or sell. 

 Real estate agents and high-ticket sales people, do you real know how to read your clients and customers?

Know if a person is a serious purchaser or just killing their time and wasting yours?
Learn how to project your confidence and strengths.
Learn how to read them and how to “win” them over.

Body language, posture and hand gestures can convey, project and communicate as much as any conversation.
Know these things can help you either win their confidence and trust, and read their intent and expectations.
If you are selling, know when you have their attention and when they are slipping away.
Read their expressions and posture, and yes! You can even learn to look at them and know what approach to take in your presentation.
If the person looks like an artist, don’t sell them rugged lifestyle.
If they are fiery and dynamic then don’t talk lazy crazy days in hammocks.
Know the differences in client, read the signs… boost your bottom line.

We offer One-on-One, two hours courses that give you all the basics in:
1: Reading your client’s interest by their posture.
2: Projecting your knowledge and confidence through subtle gestures.
3: Reading your client’s personal characteristics from their face and hands.
4: Reading and using facial reactions and movements.
5: What handshake should be used in a situation.

      This client is bored              This agent is confident          He may not like the deal                    She does                             Well done

Men and women respond to different gestures and movement, even different types of handshakes, and with handshakes, there is about 25 to 30 handshakes and subtleties each conveying a different message. Know which one to use, where and when. 

Meeting for a deal and shaking hands, should be different than the handshake for closing the deal.